Shucking at Slack Tide Brewing Company – December 23, 2021

Alright folks, this is it! We will be having our last event for 2021. Where will we be?

You guessed it- Slack Tide Brewing Company! We’ll be there on:

Thursday December 23, 2021 from 2:00pm until 7:30pm. 
1072 Route 83, Unit 3 
Clermont, NJ 08210 

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The real question is, how are you going to get your oysters? We have a few options for you below:

1. Shucked on the Half-Shell

While you’re bellied up to the bar in Slack Tide’s tasting room sipping on your favorite brew, enjoy some freshly harvested and freshly shucked oysters from us! Wash down some Cape May Salts or Stormy Bay’s with an Angry Osprey, Bell Buoy, or even a Mike’s Manatee Milk if you so choose!

Cape May Salt Oyster Farms

2. Pre-Order Ahead of Time

As per usual, we will offer this date as a pick-up location for this day only! Place your order ahead of time for oysters you wish to bring home to enjoy at a later date, and we’ll have them bagged up ready to go. All you have to do is show up with a cooler ready to keep your oysters cold until they hit your fridge at home. Head to our website and browse our shop of famous oysters, shucking tools, and stylish merchandise as if you were ordering like it was a regular day! When it comes time to select your shipping/delivery methods, select “12/23/21 Slack Tide Pick-Up” as your shipping/delivery option! If you want, add a little note in the order saying you’re picking up at Slack Tide. We will not have your order if you select any other method!

Don’t forget, you can also pre-order over the phone! Call (609)884-3000

Cape May Salt Oyster Farms
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Cape May Salt Oyster Farms
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3. Last-Minute Bags

For all you slackers out there (not the Slack Tide fan club, but still applicable) we’ll have a limited quantity of pre-bagged oysters for you to take home with you. We will have Cape May Salts and Stormy Bay Oysters, respectively, sold in two dozen increments. Again, we will have a limited amount to take home, PREORDERS ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED

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