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Hours of Operation 

Monday - Friday:
7:00 AM - 3:00 PM


8801 Berry Avenue, Port Norris, NJ 08349

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Hopefully This Will Save You Time

How is it possible to ship fresh oysters?

We ship your oysters out in an insulated box with frozen gel packs to keep them cold. This white, insulated, Styrofoam box is enclosed in a cardboard box for shipping purposes.  Also, we only ship oysters over night.

Why are there so many shipping options?

While we need to ship your oysters over night, we don't think we need to ship shirts over night too! Of course you can ship a shirt over night if you need it for a last minute gift. So please only select over night options if you are ordering oysters!

Why do I need to order oysters 2 days in advance of the delivery date?

We thought that this was an adequate amount of time to reserve your oysters and know to harvest the right amount when we go to the farms. We don't want you to order from us and for us to have to cancel on you.

Why do the oysters need to be shipped over night?

We worked hard for almost 2 years raising the oysters that we ship out. We want you to get the freshest oysters we have to offer.

What shipping carriers do you use?

We use FedEx for our oyster orders.