Stormy Bay Oysters




Stormy Bay Oysters are grown in off-bottom cages set in the deeper waters of Delaware Bay (NJ side). With the perfect balance of sweetness and brine, Stormy Bay’s have a salinity right around 20ppt.  Earthy, umami notes detectable, with a clean finish.  Harvested fresh at 3.5inches.

Shucked perfectly with our Cape May Salt Oyster Farms Blue Shucker, watch our YouTube shucking tutorial and you’ll be shucking like the pros and enjoying Stormy Bays in no-time!

Shipping or Local Pick-Up

You have two options to make it easier for you to get our delicious oysters in your hands!

  • Overnight via FedEx- We ship Monday-Thursday for arrivals Tuesday-Friday throughout the continental United States! While viewing your cart page, the website defaults to Local Pick-Up. Click Calculate Shipping and enter your intended address to generate LIVE rates from FedEx. Lastly, click Proceed to Checkout. Once on the checkout page, enter any missed information and then with the calendar, select the day you’d like your order delivered! Enter your credit card info, review, and submit order!
  • Local Pick-Up- Pick up your order directly from us at our headquarters at 8801 Berry Ave, Port Norris, NJ 08349! Use the calendar to select the date you’d like to come pick up your order, and then select a timeframe between 8am and 3pm! it’s that simple! *Masks required.  Please bring a cooler with ice to keep your order fresh*

What To Do When Your Order Arrives

  1. Check the Freshtag™ time/temperature monitor inside box (further instructions included with order)
  2. Refrigerate perishables immediately at a 41ºF or below (do not store below 32º)
  3. Store oysters/clams in your fridge cup-side down on a plate and cover with a damp cloth or paper towel.
  4. DO NOT leave your oysters submerged in water- you’ll ruin them!

 Learn to Shuck!

Shuck like the pros with our shucking tutorial- Click Here!

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